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About us

It was the summer holidays after writing the exams for Arul. Ambling the two long months with friends was not an option for him as it involved money and he didn’t have one to show off to his friends. Search for pocket money drove him to bump into a small poster in the cyber café he hanged on asking for logo experts. Being good in doodling he contacted that number that landed him in his first earning of Rs. 500. Armed with a money making channel that piqued his interest in learning nuances of designing tools.

Final year engineering demanded him to complete the project on application of concepts learned. He devised a code that was called “Remote-It” that enabled one to control several devices using ones android mobile. Uploading it in play store got him through not only the university projects but also paved way for clients who purchased is Application, but landed him in handsomely paying job off campus.

Like every entrepreneur, he was also bitten by the entrepreneurial bug that left his night awake, and the itch to start-off on his own venture. That is how Creative Omega was incepted in the year 2015 on 29th , July . As he had already forayed into App-Development, several projects started pouring in for Creative Omega. As the app were being published, they had to be marketed, Creative Omega was focussed on niche first generation entrepreneurs, a budget solution provider for digital marketing was not there already available. This again created new services like SEO, SMM etc…… This made Creative Omega an end to end service provider.

We Work for Your Profit

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Angelina Johnson
Angelina Johnson

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Our Vision

Over the period of next five years we would like to expand our business in verticals namely Food and beverages, FMCG and Retail, Education, Sports and Entertainment, Healthcare, Agriculture, Engineering and Manufacturing and Logistics.

Our Valuable Clients

Our list of amazing clients will vouch for our intrepid creativity